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. it is monday, july 29, 2013. i'm anna kooiman in for gretchen carlson. the man in charge of the i.r.s. agrees with the president, the targeting scandal is phony. >> there is no evidence of any political decision-maker who is involved in any of those decisions. >>anna: no evidence? we'd like to know how he knows since the investigation isn't over. jack lew tries to answer that straight ahead. >>steve: just lunch or is it campaign 2016 just getting started? why president obama and hillary clinton are having a private lunch today at the white house. we'll tell you what we know. >> it's supposed to be a happy day for this wedding cum, -- couple of but what happens next may be a bad sign of things to come. "fox & friends," it starts right now. ♪ ♪ >>steve: hi everybody. come on in to studio e. we're starting bright and early and we've got anna in for tkpwre ken -- gretchen and kelly in for brian. >>anna: my first time sitting on the curvy couch with you. >>anna: we need to get to monday morning headlines. breaking overnight, a tour bus plunges off a highway in southern italy leaving at least 3
but not for congress or the irs chief? the same guy in charge of enforcing obamacare. the brand-new details will have you fired up this morning. >> steve: meanwhile, which cup of coffee has the most caffeine in it? starbucks? is it dunkin' donuts or mcdonald's? we've got the answer. we've got the tabulation. their secrets revealed straight ahead. tgif, thank goodness it's fox, hour two starts right now. ♪ america's my hometown ♪ ♪ >> steve: he's been here before, he's back on the big stage here at 48th and 6th avenue, uncle kracker, bunch of hits. today he'll entertain the crowd starting one hour from now. >> brian: one thing about the latest album, he's very diverse as a musician. he comes in 70 pounds lighter. that was your demand, come back next time but be in better shape. he's here and the big news, ainsley, is that i didn't get a chance to meet him last time. so this will be very exciting for me to be here. >> ainsley: we can't wait to see that. live on tv. >> brian: he'll be on stage in 29 minutes, and so we will talk to him. >> steve: which of these three coffees do you have for breakfa
: we've got scandals to talk about. the n.s.a. at the very least looking at it. then you have the i.r.s., at the very least should we find out why the person heading up that program wants to take the fifth rather than talk. you have the benghazi attacks which ended up with four americans dead and an attack that lasted for hours in which they never got any help. you would think that is a scandal or something that should be examined and we should get some answers. the fact that some people want the answers, others say it is pursuing a partisan scandal. at least if you listened to jay carney yesterday. >>alisyn: we've been listening to the president the past week who has been inserting the phrase phony scandals into many of his speeches and we've been wondering which ones is he referring to. so yesterday jay carney, his press secretary, was asked that directly. amazingly, he included benghazi, which so many pundits said clearly they can't be calling benghazi a phony scandal. four americans are dead. but in fact he did include benghazi. listen to jay carney yesterday. >> we've seen time has
. >> the problem is this is the same government using the i.r.s. to intimidate its opponents. this is the same government that won't protect people that work for it at benning. this government is -- that work for it at benghazi. this government is asking us to trust them. and half of congress that represents them doesn't. >>brian: here is neil cavuto's world. >> we have no reason to believe the government is using this data in a nefarious way. but the fourth constitute protects us and right now the government is collecting phone records of every american in the united states. >> people under observation change on account of their awareness of being observed by the government. that is not the society the framers gave us. they wrote the fourth amendment so there wouldn't be this mass observation, so the government it would have target the bad people rather than sweep everybody else up. >>brian: what do you think our founding fathers would have said to keep the country safe. >> you go to a judge and explain and have them decide if that is enough. >>brian: you don't trust the fisa court? >> no. >>
the government is doing, a lot of people don't trust the government. >> nor should they. the n.s.a. and the i.r.s. scandals have pointed right to that. but senator paul, again, always takes that debate one click too far by praising edward snowden whom i think most people regard as a criminal even if they are upset with what the n.s.a. is doing. that's why we have this give-and-take in the republican party. senator paul may be on to something we have to appeal to a younger demographic. i think his solution probably is not quite right. we need to redefine the conservative movement going forward for what that means, a broader conservative vision instead of a more narrow libertarian vision. >>steve: he's not the king of bacon. he's the king of sound bites. thank you very much. brad todd. coming up, this video is going to have you holding your breath. cops try to take down a teenager who stole an officer's gun. >>> imagine driving down road and you get a knock on your window. that looks like superman. who is it really? superman has blue hair. ♪ ♪check out the bass pro shops' fall hunting classic.
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5

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